How To Update Your Pictures

Many owners want to post pictures of their units into their rental ad. The instructions below will explain how to do this.

  1. Go to the web page.
  2. Choose the “login” link (the bottommost option in the side menu).
  3. Login with your credentials, the main page will return.
  4. The side menu on the main page will change when you successfully login. Choose the “Site Admin” option (second from the bottom).
  5. Choose the “NextGen Gallery” option on the side menu.
  6. The menu will expand and show a number of sub-options.
  7. Select “Add Gallery/Images”.
  8. An “Upload images” window will display.  Choose the gallery for your unit (for example, “u205”) from the drop down then click on the “Add Files” button or drag an image file into the control.
  9. A file dialog will display to show files on your PC. Choose the photo(s) you’d like to upload, then click “Ok” (This button varies by your computer.  Other values can be “Insert”, “Open”, “Yes”, or “Whatever”).  Your selected files will appear in the control.
  10. There may be a check box that says “Scale images to max width 480px or max height 320px”. If this exists, please click on it to make sure your pictures load quickly and save disk space.
  11. After you identify the picture(s) you wish to upload, click on “Start Upload” to start the upload.  A message will display when the upload completes.
  12. Verify your successful upload by clicking the “Manage Galleries” option on the left hand menu.  The application will display a list of HDS1 galleries and their Ids.  Click on the name of your gallery to display its content.
  13. The contents of your gallery will display.  If your photo(s) are listed, you have successfully uploaded your photos.  From this window can you also provide tags, alternate text and sort them.
  14. After verifying your photos, go back to your rental ad and click the green box in the toolbar.  This icon starts the Nextgen gallery application. You can verify you have the correct icon by hovering the mouse over it.  The hover text should read add Nextgen gallery to post.
  15. Nextgen will display a dialog box allowing you to identify your gallery and how you want the pictures to display.  Make your selections, then click Save.
  16. After you are done with the gallery, make sure you click your post’s Update button to confirm your changes and publish them to the web site.